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About the Curriculum
Typical COS session
Modules and Lesson Plan Themes

About the Curriculum

Since 2001, the Circle of Sisters curriculum has been used at urban, suburban, and rural sites with girls ranging in age from nine to fourteen years. These sites have included public schools, affordable housing developments and community based sites.

Please see Research and Program Philosophy for more information about the theory behind the COS curriculum.

A Typical Circle of Sisters Session:

1. Snack/transition from school (about 15 minutes)

Girls have some time to chat with friends, COS facilitators and volunteer mentors and eat a healthy snack.

2. Homework time (about 45 minutes)

Girls have time to work on their homework. Facilitators and volunteer mentors support COS participants and give assistance when needed.

3. Outside game(about 30 minutes)

Games range from the traditional (basketball, tag, etc) to team building games like The Human Knot.

4. Life Learning Track (about 30 minutes)

The purpose of the Life Learning Track is to raise the girls' awareness about the positive options and avenues their environment has to offer as an alternative to becoming involved with negative behaviors and attitudes, which could lead to violence. The girls may participate in activities on-site or off-site to explore the world around them. Activities may include arts and crafts, team sports, cooking, role-playing, games, and educational activities.

5. Circle Time (about 30 minutes)

The girls learn through discussions and journalizing about issues facing young females today and how to effectively deal with these issues. Topics include: self-esteem, peer pressure, friendship, physical development, nutrition, violence, conflict resolution, and drug and alcohol awareness.


Modules and Lesson Plan Themes

Module 1: Getting to Know Each Other
• Trust
• Respect
• Self esteem

Module 2: Looking Beyond the Surface
• Conflict resolution
• Acceptance and Appreciation
• Relationships
• Community Service

Module 3: What’s Happening to Me?
• Emotional development
• Nutrition
• Hygiene
• Stress management
• Body image
• Body development

Module 4: What’s Happening Around Me?
• Media literacy
• Peer pressure and friendship
• Drugs and alcohol education
• Environmental awareness

Module 5: Coming Full Circle
• Goals and careers
• Closure

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