Girls collaborating


Circle of Sisters is committed to strengthening resiliency in young girls by increasing their self-esteem and empowering them to have a positive influence in their communities.


Our girls have the ability to communicate effectively and to resolve conflicts. They have a greater sense of self-esteem, and they have the resources to establish healthy relationships – with their family members, with their peers, and with the greater society as a whole. They grow into healthy and productive community members.

Overall Program Goals

-Increase support for participants during the developmental state of early adolescence
-Create a safe and nurturing environment after school
-Promote good health practices
-Develop targeting skills and foster Search Institute Developmental Assets
-Develop healthy ways to express emotions

Program Goals for Participants

-An increase in her ability to resolve conflicts;
-An increase in her ability to communicate appropriately and effectively;
-An increase in her ability to resist negative external influences and victimization;
-An improvement in her health practices;
-An increase in her ability to solve problems and make healthy decisions;
-An increased ability to foster healthy relationships;
-An increase in her sense of belonging to the community;
-And an increase in her sense of self-esteem.