Circle of Sisters Staff

JoAnn Sotres

JoAnn has been with Circle of Sisters since 2006, and is the Lead Facilitator for the team. She has lived in Canada, Mexico and the United States which gives her a life of experience with cultural diversity. Speaking Spanish and understanding the Latino culture is a positive resource in working with the girls and their families. To relax, JoAnn spends time with her family and friends. Often she is reading or crafting while listening to music.

Mira Fielding

Mira has been with Circle of Sisters for the past 7 years and has loved every minute of it! She started out as a volunteer and then joined the COS team as a Volunteer Coordinator through the VIP AmeriCorps program. She has now moved on to become the Program Coordinator and enjoys working with the girls through creative expression, whether it be writing, dancing or playing her ukulele. Mira loves getting involved with local political issues and strives to one day make her way to the Whitehouse. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies from Sonoma State University and wants to help her Circle of Sisters girls’ realize their dreams of higher education. “I believe that every girl has a flame inside her, and it’s our job to help them find their passion in life, so that they can set this world on fire!”
Raquel Pazos

Raquel first volunteered for Circle of Sisters in 2009, and became a group Facilitator in 2014. She is a UC Berkeley graduate with a B.A. in Psychology; and is currently in Graduate School for her Masters in Counseling Psychology to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. Raquel encourages all her girls to discover their passions by having a positive outlook on new challenges. She believes that a happy life comes from doing the things you love. Raquel spends her free time staying involved with the community by volunteering, expressing herself through music and art, and also hanging out with her favorite animals and friends.